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Youth in 40 minutes: non-invasive carboxytherapy

The “carboxytherapy” word has existed for decades. The first procedure of introducing carbon dioxide under the skin was carried out in 1932 in the French resort of Roya. Then the method was used to treat joint diseases, prevent circulatory failure, systemic vascular diseases and heart disease. Carboxytherapy can be injectable (classic) and non-injectable. Today we will talk about the second one.

What is the principle of carboxytherapy?

The technique involves exposure to the skin with carbon dioxide. It penetrates deep into the cells and starts the recovery process. What is happening to the skin:

  • blood vessels dilate, and blood circulation improves;
  • skin cells begin active division due to what there is rejuvenation and improvement;
  • the colour of the face is restored.

The skin becomes velvety, wrinkles are smoothed, and dark circles under the eyes disappear. The method is completely painless and has no contraindications. Carboxytherapy has the main advantage – it gives an instant rejuvenating effect!

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What problems does carboxytherapy solve?

In cosmetology, this technique is used to correct:

  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • age-related changes in the face;
  • skin tone;
  • cellulite;
  • fresh stretch marks;
  • local fat deposits.

What effect does the client get?

The effect of the procedure is very individual. For very mature skin, it will be apparent as small wrinkles and bumps will disappear almost immediately. You can forget about wrinkles for several months after 3-5 procedures. If there were no obvious skin problems, just fatigue and a “pale appearance”, the result will be a little different. If the epidermis is prone to barely noticeable problems, carboxytherapy helps cope with small flaws. But first, they all become more active. All the problem areas will first ignite and then disappear twice as fast as usual. In general, all the big and small flaws will disappear in a week. The skin tone and relief will be noticeably smoother.

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