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A shocking trend that everyone has tried at least once in a life

While you are looking for effective methods to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, they are becoming a new beauty trend. The trend came of the TikTok and left no one indifferent: it either delights or frightens. 

Sarah-Marie, the TikTok blogger, was the first to try this trend. The girl applied dark lipstick under her eyes, imitating dark, and the video garnered more than six million views. And, as is customary on social media, the trend was instantly liked by other bloggers.


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Why the trend was criticized

Later, Sarah explained that since childhood she had experienced dark circles under her eyes, and in her video, she wanted to support everyone who also faced it and “normalize” this feature. “I have noticed that many of my subscribers also feel insecure because of this. So let’s emphasize them instead of hiding”, she said in her tutorial. However, the video was still criticized by people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent. It is not a trend, but the fact is they have been trying to hide for many years due to the hyperpigmentation inherent in their skin type.

How to repeat makeup

Want to hype until the trend subsides? Then stock up on bright eye shadows! There are no rules, but there is an algorithm that will give a spectacular result even for beginners.

  1. First, prepare the skin by thoroughly cleaning and moisturizing it. So the makeup will fit better. Then apply the tonal base on the whole face, not forgetting the area under the eyes. The foundation or concealer will better shade the coloured shadows.
  2. Then work out the contour of the eyes: bring both mucous membranes with a black pencil so that the eye is not “lost” among the riot of colours. If you like eye wings, you can draw them. Shade a black pencil around the eye to make it look a bit like a panda.
  3. You can skip an eye shadow primer, foundation or concealer is enough. Get the shade on the brush or finger and apply it to the skin with splashing movements. Start with the inner corner of the eye and a darker shade, and then move to a brighter one so it will be easier to shade. In the end, you can tint eyebrows, eyelashes and add blush. Done? Then download it to TikTok!
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