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Beautiful summer nails: step-by-step tutorial

Manicure is a major detail of the look. It complements a dress or suit and gives self-confidence. Well-groomed nails and a stylish haircut are two details that every self-respecting girl should have. Women usually want to add colours to look with the advent of summer, so we have prepared bright summer nails step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Shape the nails, remove the old coating (if any), remove the cuticle, dust the top layer so that it becomes rough.
  2. Degrease the nails and apply a base coat (dry in a lamp).
  3. Put a monophonic varnish of banana-yellow colour on those nails on which there will be no drawing. And we put peach camouflage base in one dense layer on nails where we will paint monstera leaves.
  4. On a plastic pallet, prepare the necessary shades for decoration: dark green, light green and turquoise.
  5. Then, draw the contour of the leaf with a thin brush, carefully working out the details. It should be thin but dense. Draw 2-3 leaves on the nails and dry in a lamp.
  6. When the contour hardens, fill it with different shades of green: dark, light and turquoise. We apply colours in the form of streaks and do not forget to shade the border. Fill in this way all the leaves and fix the picture in the lamp.
  7. If you have greased the contour while filling the leaves, it can be corrected at this stage.
  8. Cover the nails with a matte top and dry in a lamp.
  9. When the top cover is fixed, draw the leaves with a glossy top so that they stand out. Apply in one layer. It will not add volume but will make the picture shiny.

Summer nails for vacation and hot city days is ready!

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