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Don’t do it after the meal: 8 unexpected mistakes

Everyone has a bunch of habits that are ingrained in their brain. But, unfortunately, most of them are or may be the cause of our illness. Our health is affected not only by what we eat but also by what we do after the meal. So that food is not deposited immediately on the hips, and the stomach worked like clockwork, you should follow 8 main rules.

Do not take a bath

Hot or even warm water increases blood flow. But in the abdomen, this process slows down. As a result, there is a rapid increase in excess weight.

Do not drink cold water

Cool water slows down the process of digestion and lipids absorption. If you want to drink, choose a glass of warm water or mineral water.

Do not drink tea

Most teas have anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties that are beneficial to health. However, nutritionists do not recommend drinking it after the meal. Tea contains polyphenols and tannins that bind iron in plant foods. As a result, we may not get the required amount of this element.

Do not lie down immediately on the couch or in bed

The desire to lie down after lunch or dinner is quite understandable. But we don’t recommend it. Every minute spent in a horizontal position will respond with extra grams or even pounds.

Avoid eating fruits

All the stomach enzymes are already involved in digesting food, and new ones have not yet formed. Therefore, fruits eaten after main meals can provoke heartburn or belching. Eat it 20-30 minutes before.

Do not smoke

Nicotine reduces the amount of oxygen in the body. When oxygen is low, our body begins to absorb carcinogens uncontrollably, so smoking one cigarette after a meal is equivalent to ten of them.

Do not go for a walk

You can go for a walk only 30-40 minutes after a meal. Otherwise, indigestion, heartburn or simple discomfort will spoil your pleasant experience of walking.

Do not brush your teeth

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth 30 minutes after eating, and preferably just before bedtime. It will help remove plaque and adjust the pH level of the mouth.

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