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Dried fruits: health and beauty benefits

Dried apricots, prunes, dates, raisins, figs – these “oriental sweets” we have known since childhood. Every housewife tries to make sure to buy them for stock. And this is right because each type of dried fruits contains a unique complex of substances that have a beneficial effect on the body. And dried fruits are famous for their shelf life, surpassing the popularity of their other “counterparts” around the world.

The benefits of dried fruits for health

Dried fruits are a source of health and wellness. For example, calcium strengthens hair, nails and bones. Magnesium and potassium are useful for the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Iron normalizes the processes of hematopoiesis. Dietary fibre is responsible for the work of the stomach and the entire digestive tract. For example, raisins have laxative properties. They are good for frequent constipation. Prune normalizes blood pressure, fights cancer. Dried apricots are good for people who have heart disease. Dates strengthen male strength, and figs are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. In general, dried fruits are useful for vitamin deficiency, depression and even anaemia.

Dried fruits for beauty

Prunes are a source of vitamin B. Constant add them in food will help to smooth wrinkles and make your skin supple.

Dried apricots besides vitamin B are rich in essential acids and essential substances for the body. By eating dried apricots, you will increase muscle tone and will “feed” the body with trace elements that are useful for the skin – phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

Cherry is a great neutralizer of free radicals, which is attributed to the last role in the ageing of our skin. Therefore, it has a wonderful anti-ageing effect.

Figs are your stomach’s best friend, and positive changes in the digestive system will immediately affect your face. The skin acquires a beautiful and natural matte shade.

Raisins will help effectively deal with oedema, as it perfectly improves the work of the kidneys.

How to choose a product

Organic non-preservative dried fruits and gloss glycerol should be preferred. These components not only reduce the number of nutrients in the product but also place a high load on the liver and pancreas.

Dried fruits are often treated with detergents and sulfur dioxide (E220) is added to extend their shelf life. Certified products that list all the components should be selected. The preservatives are either absent or their contents do not exceed the limits.

When choosing dried fruits, you should not buy the brightest: they are likely to have the highest dose of preservatives. When choosing raisins, it is better to prefer dark because the percentage of antioxidants that increase immunity is higher in it. And for some types of the bakery, light raisins are better.

Importantly! It is thought that dried fruits are a dietary product, but in fact, it is not. People who follow a diet should pay attention to the fact that often dried fruits are covered with sugar syrup, which dramatically increases their calorie content. So be vigilant and eat dried fruits wisely!

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