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Top 5 Beauty Brands in Moldova

Moldova, a small Eastern European country nestled between Romania and Ukraine, is known for its rich history, exquisite wines, and picturesque landscapes. Beyond this, Moldova is also home to a growing beauty industry that expertly merges local natural resources with modern skincare formulations. This article will delve into the top five Moldovan beauty brands making their mark on the local and global beauty scene.


GeraPharm is a leading Moldovan brand known for its extensive range of cosmetics and medicinal products. They offer a diverse line of skincare, hair care, and wellness items designed to meet various beauty and health needs. GeraPharm’s skincare products, including their popular anti-aging creams and serums, are particularly praised for their effective results and use of natural, active ingredients.


Although Farmec originated in Romania, it has garnered significant popularity in Moldova due to its high-quality beauty products. The brand boasts an impressive range of skincare, haircare, body care, and makeup products. Farmec is committed to producing effective, accessible products with an emphasis on natural ingredients, making it a favorite among many Moldovan consumers.

Viorica Cosmetic

Viorica Cosmetic is a home-grown Moldovan beauty brand that has been serving the local market for decades. They offer a wide variety of products, from skincare to hair dye, all produced in their own manufacturing facilities. Viorica Cosmetic’s skincare line, in particular, is loved for its use of locally sourced botanical ingredients and its suitability for different skin types.


While Apivita is of Greek origin, it has firmly established itself within the Moldovan market. The brand’s ethos is built around the use of natural, bee-derived ingredients like propolis, royal jelly, and honey, supplemented with organic essential oils and plant extracts. Apivita offers skincare, hair care, and body care products, all designed to provide natural, holistic beauty solutions.


Naturale is a Moldovan beauty brand that emphasizes the use of organic and natural ingredients. Their product line includes soaps, bath salts, essential oils, and body butters, all handmade and free from harmful chemicals. Naturale’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and its artisanal approach to beauty have made them a standout brand in the Moldovan beauty industry.

The beauty scene in Moldova offers an intriguing mix of traditional beauty wisdom and modern cosmetic science. The top five Moldovan beauty brands, with their diverse range of products and commitment to quality, are carving their niche in the global beauty landscape. Whether you’re looking for effective skincare, natural beauty products, or artisanal soaps and oils, Moldova’s beauty brands offer a wealth of options worth exploring.

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