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Facing rain, heat and tears: best waterproof mascara on any budget

Rain, snow and summer heat – not every eyelash product can resist the harsh climate. Therefore, waterproof mascara is an indispensable accessory of our cosmetic bags. Our selection includes novelties and bestsellers among waterproof mascaras that can withstand any weather cataclysm. GoBeauty has collected only those that you can trust.

Lumene True Mystic Volume Waterproof

As promised by the manufacturer, mascara not only guarantees water resistance but also the enormous volume of the first layer. All eyelashes will be split and highlighted with a special formula that wraps the hairs in an ultra-black shell. Zigzag movements, when applied with a convenient applicator, will provide separation and twisting. The structure for the synthesis of three waxes applies softly on the eyelashes, without burdening them. The soft creamy texture glides on hairs and quickly solidifies without affecting the eyelashes. The effect of water resistance manifests itself instantly. Thanks to its special patented pigment, the eyelashes instantly get the desired deep black colour. The product is hypoallergenic.

Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara

One of the best mascaras of the last 50 years, and not just that. The pigmentation of the product is simply amazing and the water resistance is top-notch. In the new version of the mascara, the applicator is a “swan’s neck”. That is, with a specially designed bend, so that the mascara is comfortable to use with both hands. Don’t let its strange shape scare you. This curved brush helps to paint each eyelash without pushing the cheekbone with the base of the brush.

Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof

The waterproof and volumetric formula helps eyelashes to become expressive from the first application. The coating of the product guarantees the saturation of the colour, which consists of reflecting particles. With this formula, the product will become indispensable not only in sports but also during the date. The bottle is equipped with a magnifying mirror that will make possible makeup on the go. In addition to water resistance, the manufacturer states the effect of twisting. To achieve this, you need to apply the product by shaking the applicator. No shedding is observed when using the product. Makeup stays the same throughout the day.

Maybelline New York The Colossal Big Shot Waterproof Mascara

This waterproof mascara does not flow, crumble or smudge. The special formula allows it to stay steady all day long in any weather. Collagen formula creates bold volume when applied. A single-touch brush gently lifts each eyelash, even the smallest one, by twisting it from the root and colouring it evenly over the entire length. By the way, the brush is large and fluffy, which is very standard for Maybelline.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks

The brand boasts a centuries-old history, currently, it belongs to the “Loreal”. Mascara has several advantages. For example, high quality, stylish modern packaging, and a convenient brush. 

Mascara can cope with rain, snow and bad weather, including perfectly dividing, lengthening and giving the eyelashes a chic bend. Instant drying provides ease of application. Also, the packaging dries rather slowly, which increases the service life.

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