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Family look: new trend for happy families

In recent years, more and more popular movie stars, politicians and media people popularize the cult of family and family values among world community. Families began to dress up in the same clothes, thereby demonstrating kinship. The so-called Family look became fashionable trend because of Madonna presented it to the world. The world’s leading brands, such as Chanel, Lanvin, Cavalli, etc help you to look stylish.

Family look became favorite among ordinary citizens too. Families dressed the same, rivet the eyes of others and make passers-by turn around themselves. This fashion trend has become a symbol of love for their loved ones, rallying families. It helps adults remember how it is to be children, and children on the contrary feel slightly more grown-up and more responsible. In this article, we will talk about main principles and secrets of creating good family look.

Children’s clothing is a mini copy of adult clothing. This is the most classic variant. Mom’s and daughters clothes, dads and sons clothes have the same cut, style, print and are made from the same fabrics.


The clothes of the whole family is in the same style (sports, classical, casual) and the color scheme allows small group of people to tell others about their relationship, a special spiritual connection, warm feelings to each other.

Family look is not only 100% identical dresses. You can create your look using one identical element (T-shirt, sweater, etc.) in clothes or even an accessory. In the last version, it is important that the clothes were in the same color scheme, and accessory (hat, butterfly, decoration, etc.) complemented all family members look. The most famous family using this trend is Beckham family. They often paid attention to themselves and because of family look too.



To create unity of your look and to emphasize belonging to a family is possible if chooce clothes in identical combined shades, similar cut or similar fabrics.


Most often, the style of family look clothing is not used for everyday use, but for family photo sessions and holidays. However, New Year identical sweaters or t-shirts for sea or barbecue will create a lot of pleasant memories and impressions, and perhaps even become an original family tradition that unites all its members.


You can buy the same clothes not only in boutiques of world designers. The mass market segment also offers a wide range of clothes in unique style for the whole family. Especially demanding customers can order individual tailoring of the desired items on their own sketches or photos from the Internet.

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