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Fashionable summer: making a stylish manicure on your own

Originality, expediency, beauty – here are three main rules of the summer manicure. And you must like it. We have selected three main manicure trends that you can make on your own this summer. So choose!

Gradient Manicure

Before you begin to embody it, prepare your nails and cuticle by making a hygienic manicure. Then treat the nails with medium-grained buff, apply primer and base for the gel polish. After that, paint the nail with the main colour in one or two layers (drying the first in a lamp), take a soft sponge (sponge for makeup) and apply extra colour on it, fusing the size of the nail. Then use a sponge to the nail so that the colour is repeated on it. Dry gel polish in the LED lamp, apply a top coat and dry it in a lamp. Then remove the sticky layer. Try not to get up with a sponge for too long – the varnishes on the border of the transition can interfere in one to one and give a “dirty” tint. To prevent this from happening, use different shades of the same colour.


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Tropical design

Must-have nail design of this summer. Leaves are hand-drawn and can be of different sizes and shapes. The trend of summer 2023 – fern, palm branches and grass. To make such a design, prepare a nail as in the previous paragraph, apply primer, base coat and white gel polish drying each layer. After that, take a thin brush and draw alternate branches and leaves on nails. If you want to draw palm leaves, cover the nail with a light green colour (dry it), then draw thin black lines – this is the future design of the leaf (dry it). Then, with a thin brush, apply white gel polish (dry it) and cover the picture with the top coat and also dry it in the lamp. Remove the sticky layer, the nail design is ready.


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Stylish geometry

Trend, which has not lost its popularity for several seasons and is relevant both on the beach and in the office. To do this, prepare nails, apply primer, base and dry it in LED-lamp. Cover the nails with a nude opaque shade, dry it, remove the sticky layer and stick the thin stickers to form a net. Cover the pattern with a darker shade of varnish with the same colour range and dry the result. Remove the stickers, apply the top cover on the nails and dry them. Decorate the nails with small jewellery. To do this cover the design with a thick base, set the jewellery and fix all with the top without a sticky layer.


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