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Golden season parade: 5 make-up trends of this fall

Over the season, the beauty industry and fashion dictate new trends. How will the beauty divas look like in the fall of 2019? Read about it below.

Experiments with wings

The trend is not only classic black wings but also the flight of fantasy. These can be shimmer variants, neon or smoky wings of different colours.

Emphasis on eyelashes

In recent seasons, natural eyelashes have been trending, slightly tinted with mascara. But this fall, along with the fashion of the ’60s, lush lashes as Twiggy is returning.

Perfect eyebrows

Trendy is the natural form of eyebrows, which are groomed with the help of transparent gel. This make-up appointment has already been called groomed brows.


Although with the cold of the fall season, we are accustomed to giving preference to dark and deep colours, this time we should make an exception. Neon shades are among the biggest trends in make-up.

Make-up without makeup

Neutral make-up is always relevant. It is based on a light tonal base with shine, classic black mascara, 50 shades of beige eyeshadows, a pale peach blush and a restrained lip tint.

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