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Hair care during the vacation: save, restore, improve

From the sea foam, once the goddess of love, Aphrodite appeared – and her hair was magnificent. But not every girl can boast of such after returning from vacation. Let’s see why.

Impact of seawater on hair

Seawater is characterised by rich mineral composition, which positively affects the human body as a whole and the state of hair in particular. What is she good about?

  • Contains a set of minerals and trace elements, including iodine, magnesium, selenium, silicon, potassium, calcium, sodium, and others. When swimming in the sea, these substances penetrate into the structure of the hair.
  • It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which is explained, including high salt content (an average of 35 g per 1 litre of water).

But seawater also harms hair, and with it, probably, faced by all who at least once rested by the sea. What to be aware of?

  • Stiffness. Salt penetrates the cuticle (along with all the useful elements) and affects the hair at the structural level.
  • Dryness. After a prolonged stay at sea, hair is comparable to straw. This is especially true for dry or dyed hair.
  • Burnout. When bathing with an uncoated head, the water breaks down the sun’s rays like a lens and repeatedly increases their intensity. As a result, the curls burn out and become very dry.

How to take care of the hair during your summer holiday

Any water with additives (whether seawater or chlorinated pool water) should be washed off with fresh water, taking a shower with a soft remedy without aggressive surfactants. If you can not immediately wash off the salt water, gently dip your hair with a towel without rubbing it. It is desirable to swim in a unique hat or cap – as convenient. For hair care, choose moisturising shampoos, as seawater dry the curls. Use them more often than usual. Provide extra hair protection with sunscreen and nourishment. During a beach holiday and after it, do moisturising and nourishing masks.

How to get back your beautiful hair after returning home

Change the shampoo

Whatever the climate, after the sea, the sun makes its negative impact and deprives the hair of moisture. Therefore, it does not matter which shampoo you used before your vacation, now you need the softest product.

Activate blood supply

When washing your head, lower it as low as possible: increased blood supply has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

Apply various masks

The best way to restore your hair is to apply a mask based on the oil (the most popular are castor, almond, pumpkin and avocado). Use the masks that are most saturated with the texture, they should be thick and dense. Particularly useful are those that contain vitamins E, C, B, carotene, panthenol or wheat proteins.

Increase nourishment

Add a few drops of oil to the shampoo, it will soften the hair, add light shine and glow. Coconut oil is ideal for hair.

Enhance moisture

Start with rinsing: replace the tap water with boiled water with the addition of a few drops of vinegar. As a result, the hair will immediately become noticeably softer.

Additional steps

After each washing, apply a moisturising spray or cream to the hair, it will help to literally close the moisture in the hair and make it more smooth and shiny.

If you turn these procedures into a habit, hair at any time of the year will look perfect.

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