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Hair fillers: purpose and how to use

Beautiful thick hair is the pride of every woman. Cosmetic brands offer shampoos, masks, balms designed to restore hair and stimulate its growth. But they do not always help. Most often, “heavy artillery” is needed to restore shine and strength to the curls. Then hair fillers come to the rescue. We will tell about them in this article.

What is hair filler and why you need it

The first hair fillers were produced in South Korea. It is the Lador brand. To date, it is considered the most popular product. The main function of the filler is to smooth the hair and hide all visible defects in the hair structure.

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All women can use it. It is a universal remedy and is suitable for all hair types.

How hair fillers work

Fillers effectively restore hair after regular hot styling, fill the voids of the hair shaft, provide additional shine and density.

The main components that affect the hair are amino acids, keratin, collagen and plant extracts. Fillers are keratin and hyaluronic. It all depends on the predominant substance in the product. Keratin helps to strengthen the hair and restore its structure. Hyaluronic acid gives curls elasticity, shine and hydration.

How to use

  1. Do not use metal bowls to mix the filler with water.
  2. Apply fillers only on the hair, avoiding contact with the scalp.
  3. Your hair should be 90% dry.
  4. Follow the time requirements on the package.
  5. When using a thermal cap, reduce the exposure time by 5-10 minutes.
  6. Rinse the filler thoroughly with warm water without using shampoo or other cleaning products.
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