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Hairdresser herself: how to cut your hair

Sometimes there are difficult situations when you need urgent haircut, and there is no opportunity to visit the hairstylist. And then, if you know how to use scissors, are not afraid of experiments – you can get a haircut at home yourself. The main thing is to have patience and the necessary tools. And GoBeauty will tell you how to cut hair right.

For those girls who have decided to get a haircut, you will need the following tools:

  • large and small mirrors;
  • sharp scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • comb with a long handle;
  • several long hairdressing clips;
  • water spray;
  • special cape or any other protective coating.

Cutting the hair from behind

  1. Divide the locks into straight sections.
  2. Gather the hair into a low ponytail with a hairband.
  3. Make sure that the locks do not stand out, and the tail was smooth and tight.
  4. Tie an elastic band over the place where you are going to cut. If the hair is long, tie rubber bands along the entire length of the tail so that the hair does not shift.
  5. Holding the scissors horizontally, cut the length of the hair to the elastic band.
  6. Loosen your hair, examine the view from behind. If there are inequalities, repeat the procedure.


photo credit: stellacini/Instagram

Cutting a bang

  1. Divide the hair into straight sections.
  2. Separate above the forehead a triangle the size you want the bang to be. It is better to start with a smaller and then increase the number of locks.
  3. Remove excess hair or secure with hairpins so that it does not interfere with you.
  4. Comb the future bang, pinch with your fingers and trim to the desired level. Note that when dry, it will be shorter.
  5. Holding the scissors vertically, cut the bang so that the cut line is airier.

Cascade haircut

At home, you can cut your hair in a cascade. The hairstyle is multifunctional and feminine. You will need scissors, a spray, a comb, and hairdressing clips.

  1. First, the hair should be combed.
  2. Collect curls in a tail close to a forehead, having turned a head downwards.
  3. Cut the locks so that they are smooth.
  4. Treat the hair tips with thinning scissors and remove the band.

Bob haircut

For short hair, a bob will be an ideal choice. A hairstyle can be done correctly at home if you follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to wash your head with shampoo and conditioner. If the hair is clean, it should be wet.
  2. To create a bob, you need to divide hair into 7 parts. The front lock should be 3 cm wide. Scissors should be held parallel to the floor, and then trim the length. Usually, bob hairstyle is cut to the chin.
  3. When the front part is done, you can process the occipital area. You can use a ruler to make a bob hairstyle even. It is necessary to comb the occipital part of the hair, then cut it, pulling a little. Then you should move forward.
  4. Comb the occipital parts of the curls. Then use the same haircut method as in the previous steps. You need to cut the locks moving from back to front.
  5. In the end, the area above the forehead is cut. The hair is divided into a straight parting and cut similarly.
  6. After that, hair should be dried. It should be styled with a hair straightener and fixed with hair spray.

If done correctly, controlling the process at each stage, self-haircut will be no worse than a professional. Get inspired!

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