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Headband: trendy fashion accessory of the summer

The headband, a popular accessory since our childhood, has returned to our now-conscious wardrobe. And not just returned but literally captured the catwalks and chronicles of street style. What models are now at the peak of popularity and how to wear it? Read about this in our new article.

The variety of headbands is so great that it can be worn absolutely for any kind of occasion: at a party and at work, for a walk with a dog, and even for a romantic date. And there are regular headbands that are suitable for any situation – black, nude and brown colours. It is these colours that will suit any outfit and will be relevant in any situation.

Headbands should match not only the colour but also be relevant to the situation. For example, a headband of average width is suitable for the office outfit. Well, of course, you can complement the look with colour solutions, crystals, bows, flowers or sparkles.

Trendy models of this season

With fabric or leather upholstery

Generously decorated or minimalist, satin or velvet, knitted or leather, but necessarily massive and bulk. For someone, such headbands seem too big, and for someone – this is a cute accessory since childhood.


photo credit: merrith/Instagram

With the knot

Among the hair accessories this summer, the headband with the knot is clearly among the leaders. Velvet or smooth satin, nude or multicoloured – this trendy wide head accessory will help to create a stylish accent in the look.


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The oversize trend even got here, so the volume headband is a must-wear of this summer. Fashion designers state the more it is, the better (judging by the spring collection of Prada 2019), but we would have advised to still try such a thing on before purchasing. The hottest trend of the season is the volume rounded velvet headband. Black, red, beige, pink, dark blue, mustard – the choice of shades will please even the most experienced fashionistas.


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With pearls

Like trendy hairpins, decorated with pearls, headbands also took an honorary place in our arsenal of hair accessory. Here you can see two main preferences – a thin headband, completely made of pearls or a wide massive band decorated with small stones. The first variant is ideally suited for the bridal look, prom or will become a cool attribute of stylish outfits for a photo session. And a massive one will become a beautiful accessory for every day and restrained looks.


photo credit: Pinterest

Headbands with prints

In the new season, one should pay attention to headbands with large polka dot print. Black and white or red variations are the summer days classic. Also, do not dismiss the headbands with an animal print – a leopard, a tiger, a zebra, or a python, will create a bold accent in your style. A little trick: you can make this accessory from your favourite silk scarf.


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