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High waisted jeans: how to choose and complement the look

Instead of once trendy jeans with a low waist, high waisted jeans surely took the first positions. They are more universal and can be chosen by most girls with completely different types of figures. But there are some nuances, as well as how to combine it correctly. It’s enough to just pick up the right design and they hide all the shortcomings and highlight the benefits as much as possible.

The main feature of high waisted jeans is the bright emphasis on waist and hips.



Denim is a rather thick cloth, its structure hides and smooths possible lacks of waist and hips. The main rule is that these jeans completely perform their functions – to fill in them long clothing.

Also, according to the type of figure, there are some recommended combinations.

Якщо ви власниця фігури “прямокутник” або перевернутий трикутник” – джинси з високою посадкою підкреслять талію та зроблять акцент на жіночних вигинах тіла.

If you have a “rectangle” or an “inverted triangle” type of figure, high waisted jeans will emphasize the waist and the feminine forms of the body.

For a “pear or triangle” figure, combine jeans with heeled shoes. The heels will make your figure more sophisticated. And the model of jeans is better to choose straight or flared.

Tall girls with long legs, you can easily choose sneakers and any shoes on a flat sole. But the heels should not be refused too. It will make you look more elegant and festive.



As for the clothes that you choose to top, it should be borne in mind that it must necessarily be refilled, in whole or in part. So you do not have to choose clothes made of rough fabrics. Or if you choose a sweater for the winter look, then do not refill it completely, but only partially. But be sure to emphasize the waistline with a belt.



The best and a win-win option for high waisted jeans is a white t-shirt, with or without a print. The white T-shirt is a universal and basic element of the wardrobe. It is easily combined with jeans of any colour. It can be completely refilled without problems. And if your outfit is autumn or winter, you can wear a jacket or a warm cardigan on top of a T-shirt.



A white classic shirt is also a versatile and basic version of the upper part of the look. Unlike a T-shirt, a white shirt in combination with dark high waisted jeans – is a great option for an everyday office outfit. It can also be refilled either completely or partially. For example, only in front, or only on one side. Complete the look with classic shoes and your perfect look for work or business meetings is ready.


фото: bysophieh/Instagram

A wonderful option in the summer – crop-tops and T-shirts. Be sure it ends over jeans or maximum at the border with the top line of it. Regarding the colour of the jeans itself, it is possible to choose any colour from the classic colours of denim to white and non-coloured ones. Best of all, one-tone variants will be preferred. So they will be more versatile, easier to combine in different ways and will be relevant to most of the occasions.

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