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Hollywood hair extension: a new beauty technology

Every girl dreams of gorgeous long hair. Now, thanks to extensions, any girl is capable of having curly hair. In our new article, read about the features of Hollywood hair extension.

What a method

Today, this technique has become one of the safest and most popular among salon visitors. The technology has been around the Hollywood scene for about 10 years to provide the necessary length and volume of actress’ curls. The essence of the method was to attach the cable to the small pigtails of donor straps on the occipital part of the head. Traces are tightly woven in a series of special strands of hair, which hairstylists attach to the client’s head, thus significantly increasing the length and amount of hair.

The technique initially brought many inconveniences due to the fact that the locks were fastened with adhesive tapes. As a result, it was simply impossible to comb, so such an extension was temporary.

But after a while, the technique was improved and the extensions began to sew rather than fix with adhesive tapes. This has simplified hair care and reduced hair loss.

How Hollywood hair extension is made

The procedure consists of the following steps.

  1. The washed and dried hair is collected in a bun at the top, fixed with a pin. The occipital region is left vacant.
  2. Make a horizontal braid. It should be tight, close to the roots. Braiding should not cause discomfort to a person.
  3. With the help of a curved needle and thread, the stitches attach the tracks to the finished braid.
  4. Next, two more levels of braiding are done in a similar way. One braid has 1 hair extension.
  5. After fixing the locks, styling, trimming or hair dyeing is done.

In general, the procedure takes 1.5-3 hours. Extended hair can be dyed, washed, stylized and combed. And due to the fact that no harmful substances (such as glue) are used when securing the straps, the native hair is not damaged. It is worth noting that the strands that are grown in this way are no different from the real ones: they can be used to swim in the pool, sauna, apply masks and balms on them.

How long hair extensions are kept

The period of hair wearing depends on its quality, attachment density, and braiding. Depending on how much Hollywood hair extensions cost, you can judge the quality of the material and the result.

Correction should be done every 2-3 months, depending on the rate of growth of natural curls. The process of correction is to remove the strands and rewind them back to their new location. The correction takes about an hour. 

Pros and cons of the method

Advantages of Hollywood Technology:

  • absolutely safe technique;
  • there is no need to limit yourself to something (you can visit beaches, baths, saunas);
  • the ability to dye your hair;
  • the natural appearance of locks (not visible places of connections);
  • the rate of increase.

The disadvantages include the following:

  • the high price;
  • the need for frequent correction;
  • improperly fastened curls can flake off;
  • impracticality (long dry, felt in lying position);
  • some hairstyles cannot be done.
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