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How to choose the perfect denim skirt?

We see an active return of some of the trends from the past and we are paying enough attention to them. Today let’s talk about another one. Denim skirts. Probably many have the first association – mini skirts. But this is not the only option and, moreover, not the most successful one. Regardless of the style, the best quality skirt material should be chosen. After all, denim fabric, without being capricious enough, is very important that the clothes sit well on the figure. And if you buy a skirt made of bad fabric, then, despite the perfect style, the whole look will ruin the fabric itself. A bad product style can also play an evil joke with you. Even if the skirt is perfect for your girlfriend or you saw it on the model, this does not mean that the same skirt is best for you.

Now let’s move on to specific styles. Let’s look at the most popular and successful and find out how to choose the best for yourself.

Let’s start with the mini skirt. This is usually a summer option. When such skirts were extremely popular, they were worn on the hips. They were worn with tops, T-shirts and deep neckline. But now this look has become an “antitrend”. Being vulgar and overly open is a sign of no taste. Mini-skirt can be chosen for the girl with slender legs and not too wide hips. The edge of the skirt should be no higher than the tip of the middle finger on the arm extended along the torso. This is the minimum length for you. It is best to choose a closed top: a shirt or a straight cut t-shirt. It is also better to give up sandals and high heels.


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Next, let’s have a look at the pencil skirt. A low-key option for the office if you don’t have a dress code or it’s not too strict. In combination with a classic white shirt, a stylish business look is obtained. Change your shirt to a sweater or a bright t-shirt with a cardigan and you’ll get an outfit for an autumn evening walk. In such a skirt, it is necessary to completely tuck the upper part of the look. The denim pencil skirt can even be attributed to the basic wardrobe. It combines with almost everything. Moreover, such a skirt fits almost all types of figure. Even with a little extra weight, the straight skirt will sit perfectly. Also, girls with the pear type of figure can pay special attention to this model of skirt and try to add it to their wardrobe. But for girls with a rectangle type of figure with narrow hips, it is better to abandon it.


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A loose, knee-length or copper skirt. It visually enlarges and emphasizes the hips. Therefore, this skirt will further emphasize the figure and add volume. Particular attention can be paid to this style by girls with small hips and figures of “rectangle” or “apple” types. The top of the outfit can be tucked into the skirt as well as with a pencil skirt. But if you pair it with a voluminous sweater, you can leave it over the skirt.


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