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How to keep a tan: 5 useful life hacks

Holidays are coming to an end, and you want to keep your summer tan for a long time. Familiar situation? Read our article and learn about life hacks that will help your skin stay a few tones darker even after the end of the “sunny” season.

Proper preparation – care

About 10-14 days before your expected vacation, start scrubbing your skin regularly. The cells of the epidermis gradually die and partially remain on the surface of the skin, which eventually leads to uneven tanning. Regular use of peeling or mild scrub will help get rid of dead cells, as a result, the tan will lie evenly and beautifully.

If you have not been able to pay proper attention to the skin in advance, try to visit the Turkish hammam on the first day of vacation. This is a very cool general procedure that includes, among other things, scrubbing the skin all over the body. After visiting the hammam, you can go to the beach and enjoy the rest.

Proper preparation – nutrition

At about the same time (10 days before vacation) you should start taking vitamins “A” and “E”. The first promotes the production of melanin and your skin will quickly acquire a bronze hue in the sun. The second will help moisturize the skin because under the burning sun it will very quickly become dry.

About a month before a sunny voyage, start eating more carrots (or drink carrot juice). Beta-carotene, which is contained in this bright vegetable, will give the tan a pleasant and rich hue.

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Self-tanning cream

A fairly simple way to prolong the effect of tanned skin is to use a self-tanning cream. Apply every two days and keep tanning until the new year. Auto-tanning products apply to tanned skin evenly and do not leave stains.

Enough moisturizing

The sun and ultraviolet light dry the skin, so always use body moisturizers. Apply the product as often as possible, preferably twice a day. And do not forget to make sure that the lotion does not contain alcohol additives. It accelerates the ageing process.


Even if there is little sunlight, still let it warm you up (using SPF, of course). 15 minutes a day will still provide tanning and radiant skin support. Also, being in the sun increases the production of vitamin D, which is important for bone strength. As an option, you can still visit the solarium.

Refusal of a sauna

If you want to keep a tan on your skin longer, you will have to temporarily forget about saunas. The skin evaporates and peels off the upper (tanned) layer of the epidermis. The effect is about the same as of peeling.

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