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How to properly care for skin in the spring

Frosts, temperature changes, dry indoor air – all this affects our skin throughout the winter. And as a result, by spring, we become the owners of dehydrated, sensitive, thin and inflamed skin, which is manifested in our appearance and sensations. The problems inherent in different skin types are only getting worse. So in the spring, it is vital to smoothly switch to seasonal care and do everything possible to return the skin to its normal state. In the new article, you will find simple rules of skincare in spring.

Rule №1. Protect the skin from temperature changes

In the spring, you do not hurry to store hats and warm clothes, due to the weather changes. Facial care should be treated in the same way. Usually, nourishing creams are actively used in the cold season, but in the transition period, the need for products with a dense and oily texture does not disappear.

Creams with vitamins A, E, B and natural oils will suit sensitive skin owners.

Rule №2. Properly skin moisturizing

Of course, in the spring skincare can not do without moisturizing products. Girls with dry skin should pay attention to creams with probiotics, which can restore the microbiome. Oily skin owners should pay attention to lighter textures of creams that will not clog pores and create a greasy shine on the skin. Of course, vitamins and plant extracts in the composition are appropriate in the spring.

Rule №3. Dry skin exfoliation

After winter and its cold air, the skin often begins to peel. Gentle weekly scrubbing will help return its glow. Exfoliators not only improve skin texture and appearance but also reduce the chances of acne.

The best option to rejuvenate the skin is chemical peels. Physical facial scrubs show immediate results, but they are not as effective as you think. They can only remove what is on the top layer of skin. Most of them contain too coarse and uneven particles that can irritate the delicate skin of the face.

Rule №4. Protect skin from ultraviolet light

In the spring, even in cloudy weather, UV radiation is the main factor that accelerates skin ageing. Therefore, the protection of youth is the protection of the skin from the sun.

When choosing a cream with SPF, pay attention to the number next to the abbreviation. The maximum degree of protection is 50.

Rule №5. Use masks and vitamin serums

In the spring, women want to look better as soon as possible. So, you need a faster and more noticeable result. Various serums, masks and concentrated drugs in ampoules will help. Such beauty products are not used constantly. The course of application is enough for a visible effect.

For skin moisturizing, for example, masks with lactic acid and lactic enzymes are ideal. Masks containing polyunsaturated fatty acids not only moisturize but also restore the lipid balance of the skin.

Vitamins in the masks will help restore skin tone in the spring. Retinol (vitamin A), tocopherol (vitamin E), and vitamin C are especially good at this. Masks for oily skin often contain clay. However, they could dry skin.

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