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How to put makeup on acne-prone skin

An acne problem can occur at any age. It is now the most common skin disease that develops because of a number of reasons. For example, malnutrition, stress, hormonal failure, lack of sleep, and more.

The first thing to do is to seek the advice of a dermatologist. The specialist will help you in the difficult fight against this skin ailment because “camouflage” in the form of makeup is not enough. Acne needs treatment.

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But do not be upset, scared and completely refuse makeup. Today, the GoBeauty team has prepared 7 simple rules for you to follow to keep cosmetics safe.

Choose cosmetics according to your skin type

Patients suffering from acne are not advised by dermatologists to choose a moisturizer for dry skin. After all, they provoke further blockage of pores. As a result, the number of rashes is increasing. Therefore, cosmetics for oily or problem skin should be preferred.

Buy mineral-based products

The mineral is called water, which does not contain any foreign particles, that is, potential aggressors for your skin.


Apply the concealer correctly

After you have applied a layer of light foundation and evened the skin tone, use a small brush to apply concealer to problematic areas of the skin. Then carefully smooth the edges so that the transition is not noticeable.

Choose the concealer shade carefully

Your friends are all warm and neutral shades. A cold palette will further emphasize the disadvantages.

Choose the right lipstick shade

Try to avoid pink, red and purple lipsticks that emphasize redness. Choose coral or peach shades. Also, experts recommend focusing on the eyes more often.

Carefully choose a cleanser

The best cleansing products for problem skin are those that contain glycolic acid. It perfectly removes all the toxins from the pores.

Apply the mask once a week

Choose gel-based masks with aloe extract. They soothe the skin and reduce redness.

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