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Just like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: bronze summer makeup tutorial

Bronze summer makeup is one of the most fashionable looks of 2019. Moreover, it is a summer classic that will be in trend for more than one season.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley often chooses a make-up with a bronze-peach tones emphasis on her eyes. Firstly, because such shades of eyeshadows are suitable for everyone. Secondly, it is a universal look: it combines literally with any outfit.

Rosie often shares a video of makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel. And recently supermodel showed how to create her favourite bronze makeup.

Write down and repeat as soon as possible!

  1. Even the tone of the face with a light tonal base. To prevent any makeup stains on your face, beat the foundation with a wet sponge.
  2. Hide small imperfections with the help of concealer.
  3. Make out your eyebrows using your favourite makeup product.
  4. Apply the base on the eyelids. This will prevent dry eyeshadows from rolling and shedding. If there is no base, use the concealer and fix it with a transparent powder.
  5. Highlight the folds with terracotta shadows and apply the same shade to the outer corners of the eyes.
  6. Using the brush for feathering the liner, apply bronze eyeshadows on the growth lines of the upper eyelashes. Pull the feathered arrow in the direction of the eyelid fold in the outer corners.
  7. Apply shimmer peach shadows to the whole eyelid.
  8. Remove all that dust under the eyes. Then cover the dark circles with concealer.
  9. Use bronzer to emphasize cheekbones.
  10. Apply a brown pencil on a third of the ciliary line of the lower eyelids, emphasizing only the outer corners. Then blend pencil with bronze eyeshadows, connecting them in the outer corners with the shadows on the upper eyelids.
  11. Curl your eyelashes with an eye curler and apply mascara.
  12. Instead of pink blush, use peach – they are harmoniously combined with shades of eyeshadows on the eyes.
  13. Mat your skin in an unusual way: in all places that need to be matte (T-zone, chin, jaw zone), use a wet sponge, driving the remnants of the tonal base into the skin. This will keep the face matte for a long time. However, it will not look flat.
  14. Apply a highlighter to the zones above the cheekbones so that the skin shines with health.
  15. Emphasize the lips with the help of nude-peach lipstick.
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