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Lifehack: How to Know if a Short Haircut Will Suit You

Celebrities often change their hair color and aren’t afraid to get rid of their old locks. Want to try something new yourself? Start by taking our test to see what haircut will make you look even more attractive.

Calculating Proportions

There is a golden rule of “5.7 centimeters” that can help you determine if a short haircut will suit you. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Place a pencil horizontally under your chin, and a ruler perpendicular to the pencil. There should be a 90° angle between them.
  2. Measure the distance from your earlobe to the intersection point of the pencil and ruler. If this distance is less than 5.7 cm, a short haircut will suit you. If it’s more, it’s better to keep your long locks.

Unsure or Ready to Cut?

If you’re confident that a short haircut will suit you, consider these 4 important points:

Stylist’s Opinion

Hairdressers and stylists exist to help with such decisions. If you have doubts, your stylist can assess the thickness of your hair, your face shape, and other factors to help determine if a short haircut is right for you.

Consider Your Figure

When determining the optimal haircut, your body shape is just as important as your face shape. If you are short, very long hair might not be the best choice, as it can visually shorten your figure. On the other hand, it looks great on taller women.

Short Hair Requires More Attention

Many people think that short hair doesn’t require styling: this is a huge misconception. While you might save a few minutes on washing, forget about the carefree days when you could just tie your long hair in a ponytail – now you’ll spend hours mastering styling wax and texturizing spray. Soon you’ll become a pro at styling short hair, but remember: the “practicality” of such a haircut is just an illusion!

If you decide to go for a short haircut, try using dry shampoo and wax. These wonderful products for short hair instantly give it great texture.

Maybe Take It Slow?

If you’re most afraid of regretting your decision, remember that you don’t have to cut your hair super short all at once. Stylists recommend gradually shortening your hair (especially if you have a luxurious mane down to your waist), getting used to its new length, behavior, and styling methods bit by bit. First, you can shorten your hair to shoulder length, then go for a bob, and then – if you decide to go all the way – try a pixie cut. This way, you can stop at any stage.

Already Tired of Hesitating?

In essence, even if you end up missing your long hair, there’s a strong argument for taking the plunge and getting the cut. No matter what happens, remember: hair isn’t like teeth – it will grow back!

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