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Main beauty secrets about how to keep the freshness of makeup in the heat

In the summer heat, we want to forget not about makeup, but also about clothes. However, if you work in the office or you often visit important events, makeup is necessary!

For you to stay fresh and beautiful always, regardless of the season, GoBeauty will share the three main beauty rules, how to keep makeup fresh on hot days.


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To keep the makeup fresh as long as possible, it is vital to regularly take care of your skin. In the summer, cleaning and control of the sebaceous glands are most important. Use masks based on blue or black clay. It is also essential to give up any creams, even light moisturisers. During a period of the intense heat, it is better to use serums.


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Skin matting

In hot weather, the irreplaceable beauty remedy in your cosmetic bag will be thermal water. If you spray it on your face 2-3 times a day, the skin will be moist and matte. If during the day there is still shine on your face, you should not hide it with powder. This will further aggravate the situation. Your rescuer will be matting napkins. Slightly soak the skin with a napkin to get rid of the fat, and then apply a little powder to achieve a matte effect.


photo credit: nyxcosmetics/Instagram

Correct makeup application

Begin with the primer, which will become a solid foundation for makeup. Another tip – apply it on the skin of the lips. This will help maintain the endurance of your favourite lipstick. For eye makeup, use a proper foundation so that eyeshadows are evenly applied. Reject the pencil for the eyes, for the arrow will no longer be perfect until the end of the day.

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