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Makeup according to your color type

You probably noticed that not all the makeup options that are presented in fashion magazines and fashion shows are suitable for you. It turns out that much depends on the color-type appearance – a combination of skin color, hair, and eyes. In order to harmoniously compose a makeup palette, you need correctly determine to which color type you belong – winter, spring, summer or autumn. This article will help you determine your color pattern and understand what shades unobtrusively emphasize your natural beauty, and which ones should be avoided.

Spring. Girls, related to the warm spring color type are owners of light eyes (blue, gray, green), milky skin and light hair: wheaten or fair-haired. To emphasize their beauty and charm will help a barely noticeable makeup in gentle and warm natural shades. Powder from the color of ivory to light tan, given the skin tone, and the blush is a hint of ripe peach, apricot and light corals will suit. To make eyes look more expressive, the color of the shadows is better to choose from the natural palette: gold, sand, green or turquoise. Eyeliner and mascara are better to choose the same shades as shadows. Lipstick should be pink-beige hues, nude or color of scarlet poppy.


Summer. Owners of this color type are distinguished by fair skin, which is not afraid of sunburn. Their hair is usually smoky brown, and eyes – rich blue, gray, nut brown or green. The lips of “summer” girls have a pale pink hue. They are treated with colder tones than spring women. Eyes are successfully shaded by gray, silvery, smoky blue, gray-green shadows. Mascara is desirable to be chosen black or gray. For lips, lipsticks of pink shades, red wine, beige-lilac color are suitable.


Autumn. Women of this color type have the skin of golden hue and often have freckles on their face. Their hair is all warm shades of brown: from beige to copper. The eyes of “autumn” girls are blue, brown or gray. Make eyes look expressive will help brown makeup. Black and gray colors are suitable only for mascara and eyeliner, but it is better to choose in favor of brown shades. For the tone, golden and beige blush is suitable. Lipstick is ideal if it has bright red tones, golden, brown, terracotta.


Winter. Girls of cold winter color type usually have black or dark chestnut hair, porcelain skin, green, blue or brown eyes. For makeup, you can safely choose cold shades. A clear or greyish-beige powder will help to level tone of the face. For the eyes, shadows of anthracite, plum, malachite, purple and blue are ideal. Mascara and eyeliner can be blue, purple and black. Lipstick of cold pink, cherry red, raspberry and plum colors will make lips look expressive and seductive.


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