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Manicure for fall 2019: ideas for every taste

Autumn decorates everything around, which means that it is time to learn more about the trends that this season has prepared for us. In particular, about what manicure will be fashionable in the fall of 2019.

So, this fall three forms of nails will be popular: oval-shaped nails, almond-shaped nails and short with a square ends.

What about colours and nail designs? Below we have made a selection of the hottest nail ideas that just ask you to show them to your nail artist!

Saturated Autumn colours

This fall, you can safely experiment with warm autumnal shades, such as burgundy, orange, brown, yellow, green.

Thematic drawings

Small and neat accents in the form of drawn leaves or flowers will become a piece that will distinguish your manicure from the rest.

Matte nails

For more than a year, matte manicure has been one of the favourite manicure options among Instagram bloggers. If this option seems too simple for you, combine a matte finish with a glossy one or diversify your manicure with drawings.

Marble manicure

As in summer and spring, marble manicure will remain in trend in the fall. It always looks stylish and fresh, especially if you use the trendy shades of fall-2019!

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