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Manicure with drawings of famous cartoons

2019 will be fruitful for those nail artists who can create complicated designs, as the trend for manicures with drawings of cartoons is gaining popularity.

The image of cartoon characters on nails is perhaps the most controversial 2019 nail trend. Especially popular now are the drawings on the nails of Pikachu, “Aladdin” and “The Lion King”. The characters of other Disney cartoons, as well as the heroes of The Looney Tunes world and The Simpsons, are always favourite.

Summer is the time to join the movement of those who do not believe that only children can love cartoons. Moreover, such a manicure with designs of cartoons looks organic only in such a hot season.

Here are the ideas of the summertime manicure of 2019 from Instagram with the image of favourite cartoon characters. 

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