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Manicure with lines ideas that you will want to repeat

Lines are the perfect and not rough addition to any kind of manicure. GoBeauty picked up only the coolest ideas for your inspiration.

Net or spiderweb 

You can choose a beautiful pattern or tightly twist thin stripes. In any case, this trend will look very unusual.

Glitter and foil

Metallic stripes that can be made either with glitter or with foil look very stylish and impressive.

Watercolour lines

If you want the manicure to look more unique, you can slightly smear the lines, making beautiful watercolour stains.

Transparent stripes

For the base, we recommend choosing a trend neon colour. Against its background, the transparent lines will stand out even more.

Gradient lines

The smooth colour transition can be represented not only by a rather complicated mixing technique but also by ordinary stripes. Looks gorgeous.

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