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Men & Cosmetics: jointly or not?

Do you still think that the difference between women’s and men’s cosmetics is only in the flavour and colour of the package? In fact, all is a little bit more complicated, because men’s and women’s skin is different and the representatives of the strong sex require special, masculine cosmetics. What kind of? Let’s figure out together.

  1. Products for the shaving. Until recently, it was only possible to buy foam or gel for shaving and balm after in stores. Now cosmetic brands offer the products of the third type – before shaving. It is in the form of gels, scrubs and oils and helps to soothe the bristles. Such products are necessary for men with sensitive skin. We recommend Osma Tradition Pre-Shave Oil or shaving cream with menthol and eucalyptus PRORASO.

  1. Antibacterial Cream. Acne rashes and periodic skin inflammation are much more common in men than in women. The reason for this is the male hormone testosterone. The skin is very sensitive to testosterone receptors because it stimulates the development of sebum. Skin fat accumulates on the skin surface, which creates a nutrient medium for the reproduction of microbes. During the regular usage of antibacterial cream, rashes become much less or disappear. If your husband has problem skin, try Eveline Cosmetics Pure Control cream.

  1. Serums for the face. These products are popular among men due to their ease of use and effectiveness since serums are concentrates of active substances. Serums are available in bottles with dispensers, which simplifies their use. Pleasant product bonus – light texture, because not every person will wait 15-20 minutes until the cream is absorbed into the skin. We advise you to try L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Power Water Power Serum moisturizing serum.

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  1. Lip balm. The skin of the lips of representatives of strong sex also suffers during cold weather. In addition, most men have a bad habit of biting their lips. Therefore, every well-groomed guy should have a lip balm in his pocket. Products specially developed for men do not leave colour and greasy shine, so they are not noticeable on the lips. Tired of having your loved one’s rough lips? Try the Colorless Balm Iron Man by Relouis.

  1. Deodorant. This personal care product is essential for men as shampoo and shower gel. It should be applied on a clean body, preferably after bathing. GoBeauty takes care of the environment, therefore, we advise you to choose deodorant not in the form of a spray, as it destroys the ozone layer. You can choose Gillette PowerBeads Cool Wave Anti-Perspirant Gel For Men.

What else does a man need to be handsome? Charisma and a sense of humour! This is a wonderful addition to the well-groomed body.

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