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Micellar water: the benefits of a modern must-have care product

Today, the micellar water is in the bathroom of each advanced girl. This gentle cleanser is the best that has appeared in the beauty industry in recent years. What are the benefits of regular use of micellar water? About this, your favourite GoBeauty blog about beauty and health will tell.


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Gentle formula

High-quality micellar water does not contain irritating skin components and does not cause an allergic reaction. It is an ideal product for women with sensitive skin because micelles can clean the dermis much softer than gels and even foams. At the same time, it does not cause irritation, dryness or a feeling of contraction. You can also remove eye makeup and lipstick by using micellar water.

Natural ingredients in the composition

For example, NIVEA’s micellar water contains ingredients such as vitamin E and almond oil. Most often in the form of the micellar water, there are no parabens, silicones and flavours. For a cosmetic product of the XXI century, it is a rarity.

Easy to use

Simply apply the micellar water on a cotton disc and gently clean your face. In just a few minutes, the skin will receive a gentle cleansing and intense moisturising without feeling sticky or greasy. Optionally, it is possible to wash your face after that. This is an ideal option for women who lazy to wash off makeup in the evening.


The use of micellar water helps to avoid skin contact with hard water from the tap. Choose products that you should not wash, and you will be able to once again do not dry the skin, rinsing it with running water.


Of course, micellar water is not a substitute for complete procedures. However, it is capable of removing the makeup, soothing and lightly moisturising the skin. Regular use of this product will make the skin soft and radiant, and the procedure of washing is pleasant and straightforward.

Be careful, some types of micellar water may contain chemicals that provoke itching and skin peeling. Therefore, we advise you to carefully read the product packaging and trust only brands with a name.

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