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Most Popular Lipstick Colors for Summer 2024

Summer 2024 promises to bring bright and bold trends in lipstick fashion, where classic shades blend with experimental colors to create new and exciting looks. Here are the lipstick colors that will be at the peak of popularity in summer 2024.

Vibrant Coral

Coral has always been a great choice for summer, and in 2024 it remains at the top of fashion trends. This warm, bright shade adds energy and freshness to any summer look, perfect for both day and evening makeup.

Soft Pink

Soft pink shades bring a sense of romance and femininity. In summer 2024, these colors will appear in the form of balms and glosses that will add a soft shine and natural beauty to the lips.

Deep Red

Red never goes out of fashion, and this summer it is presented in deep, rich shades reminiscent of grapes or dark berries. These lipsticks look luxurious and elegant.


Fuchsia is a shade that provides a bright accent in summer makeup. It’s perfect for those who want to stand out and add a bit of drama to their look.


Beige and nude tones remain popular for those who prefer more subdued and natural options. They complement tanned skin beautifully and create a sophisticated look.


Metallic shades such as gold or bronze add a special charm to summer evenings. These colors reflect light and draw attention, making your look unforgettable.

Clear Gloss

Clear glosses and balms will be popular among those who want to emphasize the natural beauty of their lips without using bright colors. They provide light care and a soft shine, perfect for everyday use.

This summer offers a variety of lipstick shade choices, allowing everyone to find something special for their style and preferences. Whether you choose a classic red or experiment with vibrant colors, it’s important to remember the quality of the product and its ability to protect and moisturize the lips.

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