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New Year makeup: a step by step guide to creating beauty

The most anticipated and perhaps the most beloved holiday of all, New Year, is approaching. That’s why it’s time to look for a festive outfit – dress, hairstyle and makeup. In one of our previous articles, we offered a video tutorial on how to do a holiday hairstyle. Today is the time to talk about makeup.

  1. Prepare your skin – apply day cream, foundation. If necessary, use the concealer to hide minor imperfections.
  2. Apply a concrete with a small soft brush to the cheekbones. It can be replaced with bronzer or dark blush. Also apply dark pigment to your eyelids, forehead and nose.
  3. Apply a little brown pigment or shadow on the upper eyelid fold and rub with your finger. Emphasize the lower eyelids and lip contour with a thinner brush.
  4. Give your eyebrows the desired shape by colouring them with liquid pigment, shadows or pencil.
  5. Apply mascara to the eyelashes (yes, we do it now, before applying eyeshadows).
  6. Apply bright lipstick or pigment to your lips. If you use professional concrete, you can use the remnants of apples on the cheeks and rolling eyelids.
  7. Apply black concrete (or liner) along the outline of the eye. In form, it should not be a wing, but rather a shabby stroke, slightly extended from the outer edge.
  8. Apply glitter with a thin brush on top of the wings to add a festive spirit to your makeup.
  9. To fix the makeup, apply special powder or thermal water on the face.

Although the eyes and lips are highlighted in this makeup, it is not overloaded with accents. Complemented by a not very voluminous hairstyle, it will be perfect for New Year’s celebrations.

Lovely holidays to you!

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