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Not fashionable: TOP-6 anti-trends of 2020

So that you are in fashionable alert next year, we offer you an analysis of the latest anti-trends. Take note now.

Cycling shorts

The outfit with the cycling shorts looks a bit hyperbolized. For street style – suitable. For everyday life – no.

Skinny jeans

It is no longer a trend, but the girls continue to wear them. The riddle.

Jeans of all colours

It’s important to remember that jeans look good only in traditional blue, plus white and black.


The leopard is not that bad. It’s just everywhere, and it already looks boring. Better choose another print. For example, a zebra.


Not this winter. Silk scarves are a great option to change the headband.

Fluffy shoes

Flip flops and sneakers are a thing of the past. Leave them in the closet and get the classic models.

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