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Pilates: a steady path to health and beauty

Coaches and doctors talk about the amazing benefit of pilates and claim that it has no contraindications, suitable for everyone: women and men, adults and children. What is pilates and what are its main principles? GoBeauty Blog learned about this.

Principles of pilates systems

The effectiveness of the system is based on principles that guarantee tangible and lasting results. There are 9 basic principles of pilates:

The smoothness of movements. Classes should be conducted at an average pace, without shakes and excessive effort.

Breath. A special breathing regimen must be observed while performing the exercises to achieve a more pronounced result. Breathing should be done before the start of the movement, and exhalation – in the process.

Isolation and relaxation. Exercise should be performed in such a way that you do not create unnecessary stress in areas outside of which you are working.

Concentration. During pilates training, it is important to concentrate on doing the right exercises without distracting yourself from outside thoughts.

Centring. Exercises should be performed with an active “force belt”, ie with the abdominal muscles involved.

Levelling. In the process of performing the exercises, you need to follow the correct position of the body. Otherwise, the exercises will be less effective.

Coordination of movements. It is important to concentrate on the feelings that arise during the exercise. This will help to protect the body from possible injuries and achieve a more significant effect.

Gradation. Exercise should be increased progressively as you exercise.

Regularity. In order to achieve a tangible result, one must exercise regularly, at least 5 times a week.

Benefit for the body

Pilates classes really help restore any person’s health (after all, the program was designed specifically for this).

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So, the longer and more persistent you engage, the more benefit you can get. After 2-3 weeks of regular training there will be a positive effect:

  • the flexibility and mobility of the joints will increase;
  • posture will improve, slouching will decrease;
  • the pain in the back and neck will disappear;
  • the muscular corset of the whole body will strengthen;
  • normal functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • efficiency will increase;
  • increase the body’s resistance to infections;
  • the body will become more plastic;
  • everyday movements will become smooth, graceful.

Pilates will help change the body, restore harmony and balance. It will move as nature has laid it.

Can I lose weight with the help of pilates?

Getting rid of excess weight with the help of pilates is not fast. Those who want to lose weight in the shortest time should engage in more active types of fitness. Pilates affects the body more gently and gradually.

With regular classes, the body becomes denser and more supple, with volumes. The lines of the body become clear, the external looseness and vagueness of the figure gradually turn into beautiful shapes.

If to say specifically about weight loss, then yes, you can lose weight. But you must adhere to two conditions: limit yourself in eating and in no hurry. However, it is also impossible to starve, as training is carried out with sufficient stress.

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