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Procrastination. Why did the war aggravate the symptoms?

You set the alarm clock at seven so that you have time to exercise before work, prepare a delicious breakfast, or finish that piece of work that should have been done the day before yesterday. You cheerfully get up to the sound of a melody, the first thing you do is open the news feed and… And so you stay lying in bed until the moment when you don’t even have to run to work, but fly at full steam, swallowing, without chewing, a sandwich. Familiar sequence of events? Every person’s brain can be paralyzed by bad news, and during the war, when, unfortunately, there is enough news every day, it is very difficult to get out of, so to speak, complete paralysis. And now the sweet word "procrastination" is already knocking (knock-knock-knock) on the door, which is probably already known to every Ukrainian today.


As stated in Wikipedia, procrastination is a psychological term that means a person’s tendency to postpone unpleasant tasks for later, gravitating to things that bring more pleasure or a quick result.



There are enough reasons for procrastination: fear, laziness, high tension, irresponsibility, lack of motivation, and excessive workload, and as a result, exhaustion.

Why was the state of procrastination so aggravated during the war? It’s simple: fear (even so: FEAR), a kind of state of excitement and anxiety immediately multiplied by 100. To the fear of doing some work incorrectly or not having time to do something, much stronger fears were added: for one’s life, for the life of our country. And sometimes you have to look hard for motivation, when all the trumpets around are trumpeting about the nucleus.

"Is it treated?", you ask? Well, maybe there is no cure, but the "pill of happiness" will definitely improve the condition of any person! So what is the "cure" for wartime procrastination?

  1. Environment. It is important, even extremely important. Try not to communicate with those for whom everything is always "betrayed" or "everything is lost, collect your belongings and run away quickly somewhere so as not to fly like plywood over Paris" etc., etc. Believe us, in the environment of each of you there will be people who clearly believe in our victory, because Arestovych, the English ex-general or grandmother Galya, the seer from the next door, said so. It doesn’t matter why and how they believe, the main thing here is a clear and unshakable faith. Also, people who have unshakable faith in their country often believe in other people as well. Because faith for them is not an exception, but a rule. Connect with those who believe in you, your talents, and that everything will work out. Know, this is important.

  2. Learning something new. Never stop learning. Soviet and post-Soviet schools, although they provided thorough knowledge, did not teach the main thing – you have to study constantly as long as you live. As knowledge increases, fear, which is the root of all procrastination, diminishes. Try sometimes, instead of opening the news for the hundredth time, read a book about work. New thorough knowledge = new greater achievements at work.

  3. «Gingerbread man». Put the whip as far away from you as possible during the war. Mozzkali have already made sure that the entire Ukrainian society was "beaten" mercilessly. Enjoy yourself. Rejoice quietly and loudly for each of your successes. Reward yourself, thank yourself. Gratitude can manifest itself in the form of new clothes or a small pleasantness for the home, and in the form of a seagull with a delicacy during a work break.

  4. Examples of success. In the environment of any person, there is at least one example when someone reached heights thanks to his hard work or extraordinary character. Who, even during military operations in our country, believes in himself and his luck. Why don’t you believe in yourself very much? You too can achieve this kind of success, right?

Procrastination could be a great way to relax if it weren’t for the pangs of conscience that eat away at a person from the inside. Therefore, we advise you not to stay in it for a long time and to go on, just as stubbornly as Ukraine goes to its victory!

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