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Remove it immediately: untrendy manicure

In our articles, we constantly consider new trends, try them to be not only fashionable but also to look stylish. And what about outdated trends? Today GoBeauty will talk about untrendy manicure, which has long gone out of fashion and will no longer adorn our hands.

Nail polishes with different effects

Sand varnish and matte finish are very outdated in 2020. Once the design with such varnishes was in hot trends, but now their time is up. Now in fashion the usual glossy varnish covering, without any excesses or with very restrained design and only on 1-2 fingers.

Extended nails

“Hello” from 2000! Realize at last: the days when others could take acrylic or gel tips for real nails are long gone. The progress has taken a step forward, the public has become more experienced. Naturalness is trendy, and therefore deliberately artificial nails have no place in modern reality. All kinds of coatings and serums for nail growth and strengthening will come to the rescue. Yes, the effect is not instantaneous.

Sharp nails

Long, sharp nails have several disadvantages: they tear tights, scare men (if yours does not admit it, then he loves you) and make any girl look like the character of a horror movie: a witch from a remote village or a werewolf in new moon period. What to do? Cut, get rid of them as soon as possible!

Patterns made with a needle

Another relic of the past. And if in school years we could not afford a visit to the salon, now even schoolgirls are not engaged in a similar list. Want a beautiful manicure? Nail design for every taste will be offered by a salon specialist or a nail artist at home.

Three-dimensional patterns

A volumetric manicure does not go out of fashion. All because it never was trendy. The beauty of bas-reliefs on nails can be appreciated only on very close examination. And at arm’s length, they will look like incomprehensible growths, similar to nail disease.

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