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Romantic hairstyle for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and every girl in love wants to look refined, gentle and romantic this day. Hairstyle plays an important role in creating a feminine image for the holiday of all lovers. Want to hear compliments from your loved one about your charming look? Start preparing for the holiday today. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to create a romantic hairstyle that you can do yourself at home.


photo credit: missysueblog/Instagram

  1. We make a side parting and braid a bang if you have one. To do this, take a strand of bang, divide it into three parts, and begin to braid a regular braid.
  2. When the bang is braided, we start a waterfall braid. To do this, take the equivalent strand next to the lower strand. So we braid right up to the nape of the neck and lock it for as long as we work with the other side.
  3. We do a similar braid on the other side. We divide the hair into three parts, do the classic braid and gradually remove the lower strands, removing the hair from the face.
  4. Pull the strands of both braids together to make the hair a bit dishevelled.
  5. When both braids are ready, fix them on the back of the head with hairpins.
  6. Next, it all depends on your imagination: you can do one more braid from these two, or simply lock the strands with a decorative pin to hide the invisible ones.

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Advice! For the hairstyle to look even more romantic and feminine, curl the hair with a wide curler, receding 15-20 centimetres from the roots.

Watch the video instruction for hairstyle below:

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