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Rosewater for facial skincare

Rosewater is a distillate obtained from the essential oil of rose petals. This remedy has long been used for medicinal, cosmetic, hairdressing and even culinary purposes. And so far the properties of rosewater outweigh the effects of the highest quality and expensive creams. It cleanses, moisturizes, refreshes the skin, relieves inflammation, eliminates oily shine, protects the skin from the sun.

The benefits of rosewater

The product has several advantages:

  • maintains a pH balance of the skin, fights rashes, has a beneficial effect on dermatitis and eczema;
  • smoothes, moisturizes, nourishes and renews skin, healing scars, cuts and wounds;
  • helps calm not only the skin but also the spirit, relieving stress and anxiety;
  • intensively tones the skin due to its antibacterial properties;
  • the antioxidants that are in the composition of rosewater contribute to the strengthening of skin cells and tissue regeneration;
  • helps to revitalize ageing skin, while keeping fine lines and wrinkles.

How rosewater works

Dermatologists leave good reviews about the product because it is a versatile agent with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. If you mix rose water with lemon juice, you will get a remedy for acne and dark circles under the eyes, when adding a large amount of lemon juice has a whitening effect, so you can reduce the tan. In combination with aloe vera gel, rosewater for face will become a cleansing product that is also good for healing scars and burns. And if you add a little glycerin to the rosewater, then you get a tonic for intensive moisturizing. If you do the opposite and add some water from the roses to the glycerin, you will get a softening lip balm.


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The use of additives is not necessary, independently rosewater at home becomes a product for skin tone and increase its elasticity. If you use water from roses as a rinse, it will relieve the magnifying glass, moisturize dry scalp.

The rosewater’s aroma relieves anxiety and stress, helps quickly fall asleep.

How to make rosewater at home

Let’s talk about three ways to prepare it. You can also use dry rose petals that you can collect on your own.

Tincture of rose petals.

Take 3 tablespoons of rose petals (fresh), put them in a hermetically sealed container and pour 200g of boiling water, close and let stand for about 12 hours.

A decoction of rose petals.

Arrange the petals on the bottom of the saucepan in 2-3 layers, fill them with water and bring to a boil, simmer for 5 to 7 minutes, covering with a lid. After the broth has cooled, strain it.

As in the second method, place the petals in the saucepan and fill them with water, but in this case, you still need to put a jar (the height of the edges should be 2-3 cm above the water level in the pan), cover the pan with the lid turned over. Wait for the water to boil and simmer for 1 hour. You need to put some ice on the lid. Water and ice will need to be added periodically. The steam will condense on the lid and drain into the jar and it will be the ready rosewater.

The product can be frozen and used as thermal water to give skin tone. Also, this procedure is well invigorating in the morning.

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