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Say NO to depression: TOP-10 products for good mood

Summer is a great time to bring yourself to life: appearance, feelings, thoughts. What products, besides known to all black chocolate, can raise your mood in the summer? Read about this in our new article.


Usual sweets do not promote a good mood. And not because of the fact that after them we fall into depression because of the eaten kilograms. All industrial confectionery products contain a large amount of sugar that provokes fatigue and a bad mood. Therefore, honey will be the best substitute for sweets. Natural delicacies cause emotional excitement. The secret lies in the chemical elements that are part of it. Eat a spoon or two, and you will not regret it.


It turns out that vitamin B also affects your mood, and here our focus is on a plant, enriched with B vitamins, which regulate the work of the adrenal glands and, accordingly, the hormone of adrenalin. Due to its lack, we experience chronic tiredness and worsening mood. Specialists advise refusing the canned product because the seaweed sold in sealed jars is more abundant in food additives than vitamins. Buy a freshly prepared salad or cook it yourself.


Another alternative to candies and cakes. Like seaweed, bananas are enriched with vitamin B and serotonin. Both of these substances can cause feelings same to euphoria. It is also recommended to eat bananas during chronic fatigue – they will provide a charge of vigour and energy for a long time. But beware: bananas are high-calorie fruits, so with a good mood, you can get a couple of extra pounds.


It is a caloric product. Therefore it is necessary to use it in moderate amounts. However, only a few nuts a day will become an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which will eliminate the first symptoms of depression. And walnuts also contain vitamin B6, which ensures the normal functioning of the brain cells and helps to get rid of apathy. Add nuts in the morning to your favourite porridge or fruit salad and you are guaranteed with a good mood for the whole day.


Scientists have shown that the consumption of chicken eggs makes us kinder. The effect of chicken eggs is that they contain essential fatty acids and vitamins A, E, D, as well as a large amount of tryptophan and vitamins of group B. In general, it is time to make an omelette, especially since milk, which is a necessary component of this dish, also helps to escape depression.


The main ingredient-fighter with bad mood contained in fish is omega-3. However, if you only eat fish to improve your mood, choose salt products. High salt and spicy foods bring joy to life and help improve the work of the cardiovascular system. Besides, the fish is rich in vitamin B6, which enhances the mood and strengthens the immune system.

Grain bread

It is an excellent natural anti-depressant. Most varieties of grain bread contain amino acids, including tryptophan, which is a direct participant in the production of the hormone of “happiness” serotonin.

Fresh greens

Folic acid is found in all green vegetables. Its lack, according to the research results of scientists from the UK, leads to a decrease in mood. For the body to receive up to 20% of the daily rate of folic acid, you need to eat only four stems of asparagus. The best “green” assistants that will take you out of depression are asparagus, lettuce, spinach, parsley, green onion, broccoli.

Green tea

It contains particular caffeine – thein. Its effect on the body is much softer than caffeine. Also, thein is an excellent remedy for boredom and apathy. And together with black chocolate, it can surprise.


It beneficially affects the general state of the nervous system, and at low stress, it is an excellent remedy for depression. Also, researchers argue that oatmeal contains an amino acid tryptophan, which, when processed in the body, forms a “hormone of happiness” serotonin. Oats also contain carbohydrates, which, gradually digesting, normalise the level of sugar in the blood.

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