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Scalp peeling – a procedure for beauty and health

We regularly perform face and body peeling, and how do we care for the scalp? Meanwhile, the skin is the largest human organ. However, many people forget that the scalp needs care too. Therefore, deep cleaning in this area should not be neglected. Read about the benefits of scalp peeling and its varieties in our new article.

Why do you need scalp peeling?

Trichologists in one voice tell women about the need for deep cleansing of the scalp . After all, the benefit of peeling for this area is vast. It allows not only to "release" the skin from corrosive particles and residues of styling cosmetics but also restores the enrichment of the skin with oxygen, increases blood circulation, promotes active growth of hair, reduces excess sebum and even relieves obsessive dandruff.

A massive plus of peeling is the help in preventing hair loss. The hair falls out because the follicle is clogged with sebaceous fat and old epidermal cells, and no nutrients are supplied to it. It can be avoided by peeling.

What are the exfoliants?

There are scrubs and peeling, and often they are hybrids. They contain plastic, vegetable particles, sugar or salt as abrasives, as in Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt. With the latter, it is especially important to rinse your hair well. Otherwise, the salt will dry the skin throughout the day.

Salicylic acid (BHA) is often added to the peeling composition – it handles magnifier and excess fat. You can meet moisturizing AHA, and will soon reach the newfangled PHA (it is the polyhydroxy acids that Glossier chose for their first exfoliating tonic). In addition to acids, essential and nutritious oils are added: for antibacterial effect, moisturizing and pleasant smell.

How to use it?

With short hair, everything is simple: apply the scrub all over your head, massage and leave for a while. For long hair, the situation is more complicated: it is essential that the scrub still reaches the skin, not the hair shaft. So it is better to divide your hair into several parts and apply a remedy, then massage. Exposure time depends on the particular treatment; some peeling and scrubs need to be used on a dirty head, others after shampooing.

In excellent condition, the particles do not scratch the skin, but it is essential not to overdo it yourself. Normal skin is advised to use a scrub or peeling once a week. With dry – less often, with oily – more often. Follow the same logic with which exfoliants were introduced into face care: tightness or dryness would be an indication of too frequent or severe peeling.

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