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Simple and stylish gothic Halloween nail design

A look for Halloween cannot be complete without a thematic manicure. Therefore, on the eve of the holidays, we offer step-by-step instruction on creating an original nail design that will make you a party star.


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  1. Prepare nails of the middle and ring fingers: make a hygienic manicure, shape nail plates and buff.
  2. Apply a dehydrator, primer, wait about a minute for it to dry and apply a base coat (it should be dried in a UV or LED lamp).
  3. As a substrate, apply two coats of white gel nail polish on both fingernails (dry each with a lamp).
  4. On the middle fingernails in the yellow-hot shade, draw one side of the nail in a semicircle (it should cover 2/3 of the nail plate). Draw a similar semicircle on the fingernail of the ring finger and dry the gel lacquer in the lamp.
  5. In orange, we draw another arc larger than the yellow semicircle. It is allowed to go darker in colour to lighter.

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  1. With a thin brush of longitudinal strokes, blend colours to make an ombre. When the difference in colour transition is almost imperceptible, dry the image in the lamp. Repeat on the second nail.
  2. With black gel polish paint the remaining white area. With a thin brush stretch black to orange. Dry in the lamp and apply another layer of black.
  3. On the middle fingernails, draw a tree and grass under it with black gel paint. The resulting image is dried in a lamp.
  4. On the fingernail with the same gel paint, we draw a fortress with a window (fill in the colour with everything except the window). The top of the towers is pulled out in the spire to make the fortress look thematic. To the left of the fortress, we draw a continuation of a tree branch that we made on a nearby nail. At the tip of the nail, we pat the bats. To do this, we draw a bird in the form of a seagull and add toothpicks so that the wings resemble bats. Dry the picture in the lamp.
  5. Cover both nails with a top and dry in a lamp.
  6. The other nails are covered with a solid gel-varnish of yellow-hot or orange colour according to the same scheme: dehydrator-primer-base-two layers of the colour and top.

Your festive manicure is ready. Now is the time to take care of the Halloween costume. Also, we prepared a video tutorial of the holiday nail designs

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