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Sky blue – trendy nails colour this fall

This not very cold autumn girls prefer a shade that embodies purity, freedom, the virginity of nature, tenderness and harmony with the world.

A few facts about this trendy colour:

Most people associate the sky blue colour with a clear coastal surface or a heavenly glow, so according to statistics, almost everyone likes it. Your nails will definitely be noticed and appreciated;

This season, sky blue shade is preferred when creating everyday manicures and for official meetings. The owner of such manicure (especially if it is a blue jacket) will look very elegant and noble;

The hue will look great on both long and short nails (blue can visually significantly increase the size of the nail);

Someone chooses only a monochromatic varnish, and someone complements the manicure with rhinestones, sparkles, foil or drawings;

A combination of several shades of blue looks great. Also, such nail design is perfectly combined with the entire palette of pastel hues;

Brave girls mix sky blue with bright red, crimson or black shades;

Also, sky blue nails are often chosen by brides to create a wedding look this season.

We will be happy to help you find your perfect sky blue nails idea. Enjoy:

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