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Spring 2021: new make-up trends

Last year was very unusual for the beauty industry. Makeup trends were formed under the influence of changing “quarantine” reality. Most fashionistas have limited it to a minimum, and designers have continued to experiment, offering different make-up options. So, what will be fashionable this spring season and what make-up trends will be most relevant?

Red lipstick

It is a timeless classic for all stylish girls. The red shade of lipstick helps to add sexuality and some audacity to the look.

Another great option for luxurious sensual makeup can be called a beautiful and stylish combination of black eyeliner and rich lipstick. These are two bright accents in the look, so do not overload it.

Coloured eye wings

In the coming season, the eye wings return in a special appearance. If last year all rainbow colours were in fashion, then this time makeup artists advise us to choose deep shades (coral, coffee, plum, blue, dark green), as well as its “evening” versions (gold, silver and all shades with metal overflows).

Radiant skin

For a season now, healthy and radiant skin has been in trend, as if you have just emerged from the pool. The trend is called Dolphin skin. Those who want to get dolphin skin, need to apply a highlighter on the protruding parts of the face. The back of the nose, the eyebrow area, temples, the upper part of the cheekbones, and the chin are what you need. Dolphin skin will appear brighter if the skin has been properly prepared. Therefore, before you try, you should make sure that the skin was well cleansed and moisturized.

Makeup with glitter

Glitter in summer make-up is not a practical solution. Therefore, it is better to wear it now, at the junction of winter and spring. Experiment!

The rules of such makeup are absolutely simple:

  1. It should be used only on the prepared part of the eye. Pre-moisturize the skin with a cream.
  2. First, apply glitter on the eyelid. After 15 minutes, apply a special liquid for make-up removal. It is necessary to remove the glitter particles from the face.
  3. Glitter should be used with caution when wearing lenses. 
  4. When using bright shades of glitter, do not use contrasting eyeshadows and lipstick. The combination of shimmering particles and gentle, warm tones of other cosmetics will play only on your hand.

Double accent

One of the options for the spring make-up is contrasting shadows on the upper and lower eyelids. Of course, this option is not suitable for a daytime look, especially an official one, but it is ideal for a cocktail or home-party. Choose shades that suit your colour type and will not resonate with clothes.

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