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Stroopwafel and Other Dutch Treats in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is not only famous for its picturesque canals and tulip fields but also for its delightful array of traditional treats and sweets. Among these, the stroopwafel holds a special place as a beloved Dutch confection. This article explores the stroopwafel and other must-try Dutch treats you can find in Amsterdam.

1. Stroopwafel: A Syrupy Delight

The stroopwafel is a unique Dutch treat consisting of two thin, crispy wafers bonded together with a sweet and sticky syrup filling. Originating from the city of Gouda in the 19th century, stroopwafels have become a favorite snack across the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, you’ll find them fresh at markets and bakeries or pre-packaged in stores. For a real treat, enjoy one warm over a cup of coffee or tea, allowing the steam to soften the syrup.

2. Poffertjes: Miniature Pancake Bites

Poffertjes are delightful little puffed pancakes, traditionally made using a special cast iron pan. These fluffy treats are typically served warm with a dusting of powdered sugar and a knob of butter. They’re a common sight at outdoor markets and fairs and are a must-try for anyone visiting Amsterdam.

3. Dutch Apple Pie: A National Favorite

The Dutch apple pie, or appeltaart, is a deep-dish pie with a thick, crumbly crust and a generous filling of sweet, spiced apples. Often served with a dollop of whipped cream, it’s a staple in cafes and bakeries throughout Amsterdam and is perfect for enjoying on a leisurely afternoon.

4. Speculaas: Spiced Biscuits

Speculaas are thin, crunchy biscuits flavored with a blend of spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. These aromatic cookies are particularly popular during the Sinterklaas holiday season but are enjoyed year-round. In Amsterdam, look for artisanal speculaas or the almond-filled version known as gevulde speculaas.

5. Drop: Dutch Licorice

Drop, or licorice, is a quintessentially Dutch treat that comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors ranging from sweet to extremely salty. While its strong taste might be an acquired taste for some, it’s a staple in Dutch candy culture and worth a try for the adventurous eater.

6. Where to Find Dutch Treats in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of shops, markets, and cafes where you can indulge in these Dutch treats. For stroopwafels, visit a local market like Albert Cuypmarkt or try a specialized store like Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. Poffertjes can often be found at street stalls and fairs, while appeltaart is a common find in most cafes. For a wide assortment of Dutch sweets, including drop and speculaas, head to one of the city’s many ‘snoepwinkels’ (candy stores).

Amsterdam offers a delightful culinary journey through the sweet flavors of Dutch culture. From the caramel-filled stroopwafel to the fluffy poffertjes and the spiced speculaas, there’s a treat to satisfy every sweet tooth. So as you wander the charming streets of Amsterdam, take a moment to savor these traditional Dutch treats and immerse yourself in the country’s rich confectionery heritage. Whether enjoyed in a cozy cafe or picked up from a bustling market, these sweets are a delicious way to connect with the flavors of the Netherlands.

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