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Stylish haircuts

Hairstyle is effective, fast-acting, inexpensive, and most importantly, a safe tool that will help raise the mood for the whole day. In this article, we collected the most fashionable hairstyles of 2018. It is difficult to characterize actual trends in one word because among them there are elements of natural negligence and ruffle, but at the same time intricacy and a large number of styling tools in hairstyles.

Braids of different types and sizes do not give up their positions and are at the peak of popularity. In 2018, braids that frame the face and the presence of small braids in loose curls or in a bun are unconditional hits. In this case, even the classical braid should be slightly dishevelled, and its weaving as free as possible. The hot trend of this year is the French kanekolon-braids as natural shades, coloured or with ombre.

woman with braiding

The tail with "roosters". If you need to tidy yourself up in a few minutes, you can create a romantic image, collecting hair in a high or low beam, giving it a slight carelessness. Bang, in this case, should be absent altogether or be asymmetric.

Actual in this season will be wet laying. It is suitable for absolutely all women with any length and structure of the hair. The effect of moist smooth or wavy ringlets, combed back, helps a variety of gels and sprays.

woman with wet hair

If you have short hair, you can make an asymmetrical haircut with a bang on the side. At the same time, undercard, with an even lateral parting, is very popular with both men and women.

Accessories. This season, special attention is paid to hair clips and bandages for the hair. Smooth, carved, decorative crabs, combs, clamps, etc. all in a trend. Wide and thin, fabric and metal hairpins and bandages are items of the 2018 year must-have, which must be present in the makeup bag of any fashionista.

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