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Stylish medium-length hair accessories

Summer is the best time to experiment with appearance. We get inspired by new outfits and shoes, jewellery and fragrances, hair colour changes and haircuts. Today we are going to talk about the most stylish medium-length hair accessories.


It is a must-have accessory that can be used in any situation. The function of hairpins is to hide the defect, to remain unnoticed or to take part in the process of a haircut/styling, fixing curls.

Decorative hair pins are designed to decorate the hairstyle. Incredibly, how one small detail can completely change your look, giving it flattery and mysteriousness. Choose the option that fits your event.

Invisible hairpins

This is the most common type of pin. Most often they are used as an auxiliary element in the fastening of the main decoration. But they are also decorated with rhinestones, tiny flowers and other designs. The invisible pins are appropriate for fixing loose hair, to create a stylish business hairstyle for every day. Choose colours that are contrasting to your hair tone.

Elastic hairbands

It’s hard to imagine a girl who doesn’t have a single hairband. They are different in texture, colour and size. You can find both decorative and functional options. Make a high ponytail with a sturdy elastic hairband if you have long or medium-length hair. Besides, the elastic band can be hidden by part of the hair. Separate the strand from the tail and wrap it around an elastic hairband. Be sure to fasten the tip with an invisible hairpin and secure it with a hair spray.


It is a very convenient and versatile accessory. They can supplement, decorate and fasten a hairstyle, or simply remove the hair from the face. In any case, the headband will be a stylish final detail of your look. Its advantage is that it is suitable for absolutely any length of hair. You can choose a headband, decorated with stones or pearls for a special occasion or photoshoot, and a thin headband made of textiles – for everyday life. 


The royal trend for creating a hairstyle! The diadem is widespread and finds its place on the heads of ordinary mortals. You can choose a brilliant tiara decorated with rhinestones or even pearls. It is recommended to combine this luxurious accessory with a sophisticated look. It is, for example, a beaded dress or tulle fabric. You can place your diadem like a bandage, preferably on the front of your head, or fasten it around the hair bun.

Bibi hat

"Bibi" will perfectly emphasize the hairstyle both on the loose and on the collected hair. This is a highly sophisticated accessory that has won the hearts of many fans. For a festive hairstyle, choose a model with a veil. Place the hat on the front of the head or side.

Feel free to experiment and treat yourself with a new hair accessory and be trendy!

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