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Summer fruit manicure: a step-by-step guide

Summer is a time of light, airy outfits and minimal clothing, so one of the accessories can be considered a beautiful summer fruit manicure. It will make bright looks complete and stylish. In our new article, we offer step-by-step guidance for a summer manicure, which you will need to spend some time on, but it’s worth it. To perform this design, you need to have nails of at least medium length.

  1. Prepare the nails: make a hygienic manicure, remove the cuticle, shape the nails, cover them with a dehydrator, primer and base (it should be dried in a lamp). The base coat can be transparent or milky.
  2. Apply white gel polish (translucent, not enamel) and fix it in the lamp.
  3. Use a simple pencil to make an inscription on the nails on the middle fingers, then draw the letters along the contour of the white gel paint (thin brush) and fix the design in the lamp. If necessary, line the letters several times, drying each layer in a lamp. After drying, erase the remnants of the pencil you used to mark.
  4. Choose 6 gel varnishes of different colours and apply drop by drop on a glossy surface (eg glass). Mix each colour with the white gel paint we used to line the letters. The paint should be more than the varnish so that the picture does not spread during the execution and was three-dimensional. Give each letter a separate colour and fix the picture in the lamp (you do not need to cover the top, just remove the sticky layer).
  5. We paint fruits with white gel paint. These can be citrus, bananas or pineapple. First, draw the contours of the fruit, and then fill them with colour from the inside. Then draw a different colour (lighter) peel and pits. You do not need to cover the design with a top, just remove the sticky layer.

Our summer fruit manicure is ready. You can watch a video tutorial on how to do cute nail design below

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