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Sweater manicure: drawing a knitting on the nails

In the winter season, the various knit manicure options are especially relevant, it looks very impressive, voluminous and attracts attention. And to make it is not difficult even for a beginner, even though a manicure in the style of a sweater looks very complicated, but this is only at first glance. We have prepared a step by step instructions for a knitted manicure.

  1. Prepare nails: give them shapes, remove cuticles, treat with a dehydrator and apply a base (it should be baked in a lamp).
  2. Apply a gel-varnish of milky colour, sealing the ends of nails and drying in a lamp.
  3. Take a white thick gel paste and a thin brush and draw thin, uneven strips, about 6 pieces. Next, strip the strips diagonally, as if cutting them. Each subsequent strip is shaded by a mirror direction (fir tree). Before drying, sprinkle the nail with acrylic powder and send in a UV lamp.
  4. On the adjacent nail, we will draw a rope. To do this, take a white gel paste and a thin brush and apply a “markup”: three dotted stripes and connect them diagonally. The result is a knit sweater-like pattern. Make the lines a little “hairy”, hatching them diagonally, as on the previous nail. The inner part is left glossy. Before drying, also sprinkle with acrylic powder and send the nail to the lamp.
  5. You can optionally add a little colour or glitter to make the design brighter.

Video instructions for performing this sweater manicure can be found below

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