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Tangerines: health benefits and tasty recipe

The season of most varieties of tangerines lasts from November till April. That is why we associate New Year’s holidays with this fruit. What should know about its health benefits? Read about it in our article.

Useful properties of fruit

Tangerines contain many organic acids, volatile acids, vitamins and useful trace elements. It is considered a valuable dietary and medicinal product. Tangerines improve appetite, stimulate metabolism in the body and normalize bowel function.

Nutritional value

The caloric content of mandarin is 53 kcal per 100 grams of the fruit.

Nutritional value:

Water – 85.17 g,

Protein – 0.81 g,

Fat – 0.31 g,

Carbohydrates – 13.34 g,

Dietary fibre – 1.8 m.

How to choose ripe tangerines

First of all, pay attention to appearance. It should not be beautiful, with small defects. Next, check the fruit for maturity. It’s easy to do, just press it a little. It should be soft but not too much.

Sweet tangerines have a bright orange peel. Sometimes there are sweet fruits with yellow skin. 

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Sour tangerines are characterized by a flattened shape. It is usually a little lighter than sweet varieties. 

Delicious recipe

Citrus with seafood


  • Grapefruit – 1 pc
  • Orange – 1 pc
  • Mandarin – 1 pc
  • Seafood – 150 g
  • Dill
  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Salt
  • Ground pink pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Olives
  • Pistachios.


  1. Cut off grapefruit peel, cut out segments of pulp, squeeze out the juice. Do the same with red-orange and tangerine. Chop basil, dill, parsley, salt and pepper with pink and black pepper.
  2. Cut the seafood mix and pour citrus juice, salt, stir, pour olive oil and leave to infuse. 
  3. On the bottom of the plate, spread the seafood in citrus sauce, then the fruit mix and seafood, garnish with dill, olives and pistachios when served. Bon appetit!
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