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Tantour – new makeup technique for summer

Contour is over!

Huda Kattan is proud to let us all know tantouring became the new beauty trend.

What tantouring is? Well, it is tan contouring semi-permanently with fake tan, meaning the effects last a lot longer than bronzer and highlighter. Tan sculpting has long been used by professional spray tanners, particularly on celebs before red carpet appearances, to create ‘muscle definition’.

Unhappy with the selection of bronzer and contour shades available, Huda Kattan has taken matters into her own hands to create her new Huda Beauty Tantour.

How to do Tantour: 

Dot into contours. Dot Tantour with the small brush along the contours of each side of the face: cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.

Blend out. With a fluffy brush, blend the product out using a circular upwards motion for an all-over flawless finish.

Build up. If you crave a perfect finish, continue to build the product up until you reach your desired intensity.

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