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The bixie haircut – the trendiest winter 2022 haircut

Everything new is the well-forgotten old. And, perhaps, not even forgotten, but constantly used, and then improved. Many women want to refresh their look and add some flavour to their appearance before the New Year. It can be a bixie haircut of the distant 90s. It is a mixture of pixie and bob haircuts. Bixie looks bold, recklessly and effectively emphasizes facial features, and also visually adds volume to the hair. At one time, almost every second Hollywood star was with this haircut: Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, and Courteney Cox.

In the back of the head, it is the bob-caret technique, and for the central part of the head, the pixie technique is used. It seems simple! But the chances of having the same hairstyle are reduced to zero.

This hairstyle is a little bit shorter than the usual bob but longer than a pixie – the hair reaches the neck. Styling your hair will not be difficult and will not take much time. Besides, a bixie will suit girls with any hair structure.

Such a haircut looks impressive, playful and sexy, even if nature has an attack of blues in the form of rain or sleet. Hats and snoods will not damage it, therefore bixie haircut is loved for many years.

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